A Good and Bad Lie

Not too many people can say they look forward to being lied to. Mostly, it occurs right around Christmas. Oprah Winfrey has proven, there is a such thing as “a good and bad lie”.

There may even be a such thing as “a great lie”, maybe even “a beautiful lie”. A lie that makes it all well worth being lied to.

Reindeer really do fly and Santa is coming to town, he and his Elves are alive and well, and out of all the cities He would choose to stop by first. “Merry Xmas Macon!”

“I been lying my butt off”, and while we are on that subject, My hats off to you, Oprah.

Most would love to be lied to like that?

Just ask any Macon Resident, she visited, and if I may add, it was quite timely.

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