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your inner voice.com and Columbus State University presents

Amber with her father

Columbus State University and your inner voice.com is very happy to present: Miss Amber LaShawn Love, Columbus, GA, as our graduate of the year. With a Bachelor of Science degree, Amber has earned her day of special achievement and recognition..

With the support of her parents, Charles and Pandora Love, her brothers Brandon and Christian, Amber's accomplishments has made this one of the most meaningful and impressive events, one of the happiest moment of their lives.

At this point, Amber says, she feels compelled to get a job. Her parents says, they want her to go on to complete her masters at a school in Alabama. Above all this commencement ceremony remains one of the happiest moments for the Love family for generations to come.

Commencement Speaker: Senator Seth Harp, who made this statement, which stuck in my mine: A high school graduate should make about $20k more than a nongraduate and a college graduate should make about $20k more than a high school graduate.

Last but not least, Dr. Timothy S. Mescon; the fourth President, Columbus State University, who has authored four books, his latest, Entrepreneurship: Venture Initiation, Management and Developmen.

December 13, 2008

Congratulations Amber from Pandora, Mom

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