Thanks Art,

It was good today. You've got a good business.

After taking our last end of course test this morning, we split into groups. My group went to the coffee shop for 40 minutes and just wrote, wrote, wrote. I told the students just to write about whatever they wanted to write about. I think they felt grown up. It was a hit. We listened to the music from the shop while we wrote out whatever came out. One of my girls said, "I couldn't think of what to write about at first, so I just 'graffittied' around until something hit me." What a cool way to say that. I told her I was going to steal that phrase (and I have)--Graffittied.

Happy Friday, Ed

It is amazing what can come to one after graffitting around. Thank you Ed for sharing and please say to your class, "That is exactly what Art does--Now, I have a word to express it, I am graffitting around until something comes to me". All the best to you and your class, our future generation. Thank God for teachers like you. Art

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