Calling "all" Grand Mothers'

It's a cold world out there ain't? All the lil tiny boppers running around thinking they know shit. What they don't know is "They gon catch pneumonia up their asses". What do they need to do to avoid arthritis? It's one thing to be technological smart, but its another to take care of your own ass.

what good is all that technological bullshit, when you can't see pass the SCREEN?

These are all titles: You've got the Queen of England, is She a "GRAND Mother"?

Wisdom in its "purest form" from where do you go get it? Is that why the economy is in a sad state of affairs? What exactly are we doing to promote, preserve - protect and serve - Grand Mothers'. VL

They are our greatest source of wisdom. Now, be ware: There are some very "scornful grandmothers". They would poison their children minds. Now, let's see if I'm one?

My kids hate me. They do not respond to their "negative dad", as a matter of fact, they run when they see me coming. My grown as son stood up to me, One time and I'll never forget it. REspect is something earned, especially from GRANDPARENTS. kEEP IT REAL.

Once bitten twice as shy. Bitten once twice as shy? What did they do before refrigerators? Sophistication leads to Constipation.

I get MY "greatEST joy" from seeing My Grandchildren play.

Your children are reading, but they don't know how to come to you?

Because of what's being put in their little minds, heads. Now, they are grown AND don't know what to think.

They should be able to go to her friends saying this is my daddy's website. They should be elated over their Grandmother, my gRANDMOTHER has got it going on. Then, they should go outside and play "hopscoth or something, rain or snow.

Tell the truth, shame the DEVIL. Grandmothers', the title says it all and if you don't believe that one, then think about "The Queen of England".

What do we do with Queens? What happens when you fail to do that? What about GRANDPARENTS?

wE NEED to implement more of GrandMothers' wisdom into our DAILY family colony plan. Remember, now, your GRAND Creator in the days of your young manhood. Feed grandmother your best, your very best.

It's a blessing to have lived long enough to just see your GRandmother! Watch how she works and never says a word and the words she does use add value to your life.

There's something funny about taking medicine, "you never what to take what's good for you"? Later on in life, that will come back to haunt you. Learn what's the best for you.

Stop putting them in the "old beaten down lady category" and hold those who really got it going on, hold them in "Higher Self-Esteem". Don't get my words twisted.

Is experience the best teacher? Would that be your experience or the experience of others? How many "hard licks" can a "hard head stand"?

Next article, I'll talk about all the Cougars, 'the sexy Grandmas and grand mothers'. They have really got it going on, while you try and put them in a "hooveround". Did you know they'll steal yo man? How do they do that?

Mother Nature, how does she become soo damn sexy?

(((your inner

Deb on Tavis Smiley Tavis, boy, I don know what you did, but whatever it was, you don pissed of Deborah Garrison, from Monkey Town, USA. I think your public position on BO44, is cause for great concern. She feels you are spreading, by word of mouth, negative shit about "her man". I'd stop while I was ahead if I were you. What goes up must come down.

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