How long can or will you grieve?

It wouldn't worth it if it wasn't "something" very near and dear to you.

Like asking, Why are you complaining? How long can you hold a grudge? Really, what good does it do? How do you feel when you hear someone habitually complaining? Boss to Employer or vice-versa. Where is the encouragement or I do not understand. A nice no would work just as well. Bankers complaining. Long stories about nothing? Remember when there we two or three people in a bank. Everybody was concerned, got involved in a robbery. Bad credit, no credit! Corporate executives, do you remember how they looked!

Constant complaining! What should the poor do? Remember that, the next time you tell them something to do. That attitude says it all. They never can be satisfied. I got a job, I don't have a job, I never really wanted a job. GRQ schemes! Homebased businesses. Take that much needed vacation. Barrow the money! Use the last few credit cards offers. Accept some of those sales calls, You have a $5000 credit limit! Too hot, too cold, nothing to do, I am bored. No matter what, none of it is ever good enough.

Versus, Yes, I think we can! Listen, We ain't building no spaceship! We are just helping people, all people, get alone. Have you seen Erkel lately? I can do anything, well, I can help! All things are possible! We can do it! Country, City, East and West. The united states of America don't …

It was a time, just before thanksgiving, on that day we might have made a wrong turn.

They got a dog, their best friend, dedicated his life to them and for all that, what does he get? Did you expect them to act that way about the things you did? When you are down, help is what you need. They loved you anyway! No complaining, they were there for you when you were down.

I am sure they WOULD want you to pickup the pieces and move alone ASAP! And LIFE goes on. Another tiny little scar on the leg.

How long does it take for you to grieve, grieve no more. What is Abilify? Right now! Life is too short!

Remember to Hold Your Head Up!, No matter

and To Keep Your Head To The Sky--

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