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Why not?

8 JAN 2011

Something to be aware of? Why would not any aids victim personally tell his or her home health care providers they have aids or are positive for the HIV virus?

Would you rather they learn it from their employer or their doctor? Would you leave it up to the Home Health Care Agency?

Well, this week a Home Health Care Agency failed to make it known to a Home Health Care Provider that the patient for which they cared was HIV positive.

When the home health care provider learned their patient and dear friend for which they had so diligently cared, over the past two years, was HIV positive, the news floored them. The gracious provider was very hurt, upset and now seriously concerned for their own safety and wellbeing. They were not only upset because the patient/friend had not told them, but the Home Health Care Agency also failed by neglecting to make the patient's history available and known to the health care provider.

Caring goes a long ways? Do you know why people do not care as much any more? If I am going to die, you are going to die with me, because I am going to take you down with me? On behalf of both parties, somebody should have said something to the providers or workers. Everybody knew but the diligent health care provider.

If you want someone to care about and for you, why would not you care about and for them? Why not, is now the question the health care provider must ask to the Health Care Agency. What about the patient?


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