Halloween 2009 Best Costumes

As I was recovering from a leaky roof, flooded bathroom, down computer and Colonoscopy on halloween night, depressed; several thoughts passed through my mind. The ones I can mention were: Halloween and another opportunity passes without me, when these ghostely characters happen upon my doorstep.

Over time, Halloween has evolved into one of the largest commercial holidays in America and like no other, America has her own distinct version of Halloween.

Both children and adults decorate homes and dress in costumes and go house to house announcing "trick-or-treat". Halloween is a night of fun for those who participate, normally resulting in the visitors collecting treats and a friendly ghostly exchange. Last minute desperation seems everywhere as the scramble is on to pull off last minute fixes and to make all the rounds in the last night of October.

During this night there is a heavy increase of foot traffic, a potential for serious pranks and accidents, so extreme caution must be taken to protect our ghouls, goblins, princesses, pirates...

Today, many people celebrate Halloween at "invitation only" events.

Have you ever been to a Halloween party? What costume will you wear next year?

The Winners, your-inner-voice "Best Halloween Costume 2009". Thank you for stopping by!!!

Cup Cakes and Freckles the clown Sheila the good witch

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