Happiness What Makes You?

Are you in the mood? What mood are you in? Are you moody? Is it hard to enjoy me?

Ever thought about it this way, Happiness, what makes you? One minute you are as happy as a log and the next, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. You don't even know how you got there, but something is making you miserable. Unhappy! Hard hearted! How did I allow my happiness to slip away?

Too often I have made room for misery to reside in my head and heart. I had every problem known to man and was keeping to myself. One part of me wanted to leave and the other wanted to believe?

Happiness is a big part of being healthy. Not easy, takes lot of practice and everyday is a new day. I am still not perfect, but am learning; I am not going to allow hell to stand in my way.

Where can I find it? Happiness was born deep down in my heart. With my brain, I am the only person who can access it. Thank God!

With the love of God, which is the source of my joy and enthusiasm, I can overcome any situation. Happiness is my state of heart and mind. With a simple smile and a cheerful look, I spread happiness in my interactions with others.

I live in the goodness and love God created within me. With my heart and my mind one, I am open to the inspiration of my inner voice, which helps me lift the spirits of family and friends. For that, I am truly happy! Happiness makes you forgive and forgiving makes you happy.

What makes you happy?

Your inner voice, inspiration and spirituality you can depend on.

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