Having an Out of Body Experience

I was talking with a guy the other day who was telling me about the first time he caught his wife in bed with another woman! You want some too?

When you are put into these kind of situations, you never know how you are going to respond.

An Out of body experience? How do you have an out of body experience? Can you have them? Are they real? How often? Age? Sex? Gender? Race? Are they the same.

Some people have never had a hard lick? The question is: Could you, would you survive? If you never had one, how would you respond.

So far those of us who have had them and survived, why don't we spread a little wisdom? I am thinking bullriding and fighting? Think you could be a Matador. Playing football, the other person is also thinking, some what like you,,,,but you never know how that bull is going to go.

Imagine, falling from a six foot ladder and hitting the pavement right square on you big fat head? I saw a your girl get hit by a speeding car.

There are some serious things happening to us today and we cannot explain why? Who ever thought BO44 on Friday, the 13th, 2011.

Can you imagine how much we are missing it, how far, how wide, will you ever hit the target?

Now, you can tell me all about National Geographics, The moon, NASA and all, but if you ever hit your head really, really hard, I mean harder that you could ever possibly hit yourself?

I value my readers.

What will happen if you followed the money? Let's see: Follow the yellow brick road, follow the money?

Where is it? How do you get it peacefully, never a shot being fired? Or would you rather rob the bank? Are you going to be without it, forever? Why do you go to school?

Do you need an education to learn how to GET PAID? What do you have to do? Is there anything more?

Credit: Have you applied for a loan lately? What's your credit score or do they ask to see a copy of diploma? Where is your diploma?

What does the word mean? a high school diploma is an award for the completion of high school, in the United States and Canada. Reward Award?

College Diploma means: Just enough and nothing more.

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A brand spanking new nursery rhyme.

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