Helping Folk


When people really start to help people it's going to be a sad day in Hell.

Would you stand by and watch another man perish to death? Do you get some kind of joy from that? Do you not see and understand the serious implications of what you're doing? Is that a fun game?

How much do you earn for helping people? Okay, none of my business? But are people today in greater need of help, than before your help? Then, why does help costs so high? Is that any kind of indication? Just checking!

Am I really helping folk? Isn’t this one of, if not the most important question a person could ask themselves? For such a simple question, it sure is hard to answer. Then, as I look around, it is even harder to rationalize. The crazy thing about it all is “how we boast of helping each other”? We really think we do “this helping thing so well”.

Since you are so good at helping each other, may I ask a few questions? Does Class Warfare speak volumes to you?

The best way to answer that question may be is to ask, what doesn’t helping people mean? Does helping people mean the people you help is worst off afterwards? How can that be fruitful? How can you boast of being a “good neighbor” when the neighbor you helped is worse off afterwards, than when you started? In cases like that, the people would have been better off you didn’t help.

I ask myself the stupid questions and you must be “specially qualified” to do that! Today, are we living more simplifying, frugally, happy, motivated? Are we more hurried, why?

Does "Folk" mean persons of one's own family and People in general, separate of class? Are you included in the people in general?

What about helping yourself? When do you start doing that and how? Can you really help yourself? If you could, why would you ever allow hurt, harm and danger to come to you? By helping myself, am I helping anyone else, can I?

What do I ask in return? Now, this one really stomps me, cause every time I help someone, I want to be “immediately and well compensated”. This compensation makes me Healthy, Wealthy and Wise? Is that question the same as, “how do I help people”? Then, why is our economy so screwed up? Why are our jobs going away? “I” am profiting, yet all around me is losing, am I really profiting? Should I be held in such “high esteem”?

Helping others is our sole purpose in life. How do you attach a cost to that?

Isn’t "helping others" my Primary Job or is it profit from helping others? Do we have it Backwards? Is that why we have priced ourselves off the charts? So where are the real costs involved? What's the real cost to pay? Are we willing to sacrifice even our future?

Failing to help people means failing to help myself, persons of one's own family and people in general, separate of class, no matter how well “I” may think “I” am doing. It all for a “Big Fat Zero” unless I am helping others.

(((your inner

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