Heritage Cathedral Int'L Ministries

East Hartford, Ct

Heritage Cathedral International Ministries is a new, exciting cutting edge ministry. Heritage Cathedral International Ministries has an open, friendly, and warm atmosphere where everyone seeking God is welcome to fellowship with us.

Heritage Cathedral International Ministries has been the Divine agenda of God before the foundations of this galaxy were erected. It officially began in December of two thousand and eight in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with prayer, fasting, and wafting upon God, the Spirit of the living God commissioned Heritage Cathedral International Ministries into existence with the purpose of ushering the saints back into the sheepfold of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

You are always welcome to fellowship with us and you can also call us for any counseling for the nourishment of your spiritual life.

Heritage Cathedral Int'L Ministries
E-mail Address: Email Heritage Cathedral Int'L Ministries
Street Address: 700 Burnside Ave Siute 18
City: East Hartford
State/Prov: Ct
Zip/Postal Code: 06108
Home Phone: 860-580-5658
Business Phone: 860-580-5658
Person to contact: Rev. OscarJudah Ankrah

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