Hopeless Romantic

You have found one who is determined to survive.

I used to hate that part of me. I wanted to love all people, but due to learned behaviors, I was ashamed of that part of me. Then, I was lost, without a place, a reason and a season. I was miserable and in my quest to compete with others, I was even more miserable.

Not in a sexual sense or that I am looking for my own safety and security in another; but in the sense that I love and respect my true self. The more honest I am with myself, the more honest I can be with others--honesty.

I love people, I love life, because that is what I want in return. Within myself is a strong desire for romance. I thank God for it and the fact that I have discovered it. Now, I just want to share it.

Inspite of peer pressure, I am a hopeless romantic with hopes of discovering others like me. They are my true sisters and brothers. Will you adopt me?

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