Authentic Horse tail whips from Kenya, East Africa

horse tail whip made in Africa (Kenya)

horse tail whip made in Africa (Kenya)

horse tail whip made in Africa (Kenya)

horse tail whip made in Africa (Kenya)

Experience African Luxury like no other...The royal treatment, whether it's Polo or horse racing!

. ... Assist your horse with one or all of these beautifully designed, one of a kind fly whisks, made of genuine horse hair in Kenya, East Africa. Watch your horses prance to the winner's circle with his head held high and flowing tail erect, while all the others are three lengths behind.

These three authentic horse tail whips are blonde, brownish and reddish in color.

They are hand made carved faces made in Africa(Kenya). They measure 26" Long. They are all authentic. USD350.00 each or the entire set for USD 1000. For which, I will consider selling them to the highest bidder!

Excellent condition, for us, these whips have given the experience of a life time.

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