Is your house your home? Is home where the heart is? What kind of standards do you uphold in your house. From where do you get them? Is it clean and organized? Does it represent you and your family well?

The most important aspect of having a home is what it does for you? Is your house healthy, is it built to withstand the elements?

Why are our houses so expensive and rising when everybody needs one and we can build them cheaper and faster than ever? What's the use of growing, when you are growing yourself out of clothes to wear or food to eat? Soon you will be naked and then what?

There was a time when houses housed more than two adults. During those times it was more attractive to have a house with only two adults. I really can't imagine a better time than that, just depending on how you were raised. Did yours raise you to work together?

Whatever house you enter, first say, `Peace be to this house!' And if peace is not there, it shall return to you. Would it hurt to try it? Is there really a need to try it?

House Divided

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