I See Success

Three Words

Touch Down! Good Grades! Goals! Businesses! Happy Families...

Being real, truthful and honest to one's self.

Don't allow the other side of you, to get the best of you.

Looking for someone else to write your report card, your success being in their hands and always just out of your reach.

Life Takes a minute, faster or slower, depend on the individual.

Born, we die and something happens in between.

Then, we must muster the courage, faith and strength to step out on it, Touchdown.

Three words, which I attribute to realizing success starts within, not from with out.

Every hole they crawl out of, we crawl in.

If I had only three words to share with someone to help them figure life out, I would share these three words: (((Inspiration, Spirituality and Income))).

Further, it is very important to keep these three words in mind and in order.

How do I know?

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