How Your Inner Voice

Do you know the feeling you get when know exactly what you are suppose to do? “Yeah but”, for whatever reasons you do something else? May be it works out for a while, but in the end who loses? Then, it just does not make sense. You wonder why am I so...Why do I have this blood pressure? Your life becomes a big pot of why(s). I was supposed to be junk man, but I went to medical school. Just an example!

How your inner voice? I am suppose to be telling you, How your-inner-voice is going to help us “meet the needs of the people”, as much and as best as I can.

In whatever it is that you do, understand, clearly understand, that the only reason you are allowed to do it, Is To Meet The Needs Of The People.

By understanding doing other wise, is a pathetic waste of yours and those around you, valuable time.

Doing what you want to do, Doing what you have to do, Doing what you think you ought to do, without careful consideration of those you must do it for or to, can be very dangerous to your health and welfare, that is, if you want peace and prosperity.

And Just do it! Make peace and prosperity will follow.

Why your inner voice

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