Hurricane Ike, Georgia

Across the area Friday, Sept. 12,2008.

Hurricane Ike caused serious unexpected gas price spikes, imposed limits on how much gas could be purchased and fear of shortages and rationing.

The gas price spike and limits are credited to Hurricane Ike and an active hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico.

There were lines everywhere for gas, people worrying gas prices might keep climbing. The question really wasn't whether, it was when. Even as people sat in line, gas prices were raised. At many locations cheaper gas, $3.79 per gallon, rose to $4.49 per gallon.

Gas station attendants were out in an effort to direct traffic in long gas lines and minimize gas relaed desputes. It was just awful.

People complained of price gouging: Why gas is so high when the price of oil is lower than it has been? It is not like there was a gas shortage.

Texas and Louisiana, a state of emergency was declared by the president, which allowed for the activation of penalties where price gouging was concerned. However, for surrounding states, prices soared out of control? Instead, this is a time to think of ways in which each of us can make a difference on what may come our way if refineries in Texas are significantly damaged.

I never thought a storm in Texas could seriously affect me here in Georgia. People are really caught off guard and being hit hard; more depression and stress, having to make decisions between, drive, food, clothing, medicine and shelter. With already high gas prices increasing even more, people are having to decide which needs go lacking.

Saturday, Sept. 12, high traffic area and times are significantly reduced.

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