Husbands Who Cheat On their Wives

Married men, Why make all the hoopala when you know what is really going on?

Just think about that for a few seconds, married men and Infidels, a liar and cheat; plus a person who excuses and supports. I can see it once, but twice! The bank teller, the judge, the justice system, the double standard, the consequences?

Wealth and power tend to attract more women! Lack of sexual excitement or routine sex with the same person often leads men astray! Easier to acknowledge a pleasant lie than to face a devastating truth-- deception! Knowing potential problems.

Your wife is one of the closest people to you, isn't she? You trust her, you love her and you want to see no harm come to her nor your family? Your wife is a family member, isn't she?

Will you say, Any man who cheats on his wife, would cheat on anyone, his job, his closest friend, his self..., wouldn't he?

If there is any One criterion, a potential employee or borrower must pass, it should be "cheating on his wife" shouldn't it? That tells a lot about a man, something to do with his compromising, his integrity, his ability to work things out, problem solving skills and yielding to temptation. So, certainly men of great integrity, especially in Leadership positions must pass that test. Their moral and ethical standards are beyond reproach, so they tell us?

Any person, in a leadership position, caught Lying and Cheating on his wife, should be reprimanded and punished, according to the law of that land? There are some CEOs who would fire a lying cheating man on the spot, aren't there? Some jobs refuse to hire them.

If you caught your child in a big lie or cheating, wouldn't you expect them to fess-up and take corrective action and not to do it again?

I mean, lying to your parents, teachers, government officials, Bosses, steroid committees, IRS, the American People , the church, the government is pretty serious business, isn't it???????.... Not a mistake, but an intentional, habitual liar.

Would you work, associate and/or tolerate a man who lies and cheats on his family? Would you vote for one?

Well, I mean "a man" that would lie and cheat on his family certainly would lie and cheat on you and I, wouldn't he? Lying and cheating means a person is neither dependable nor responsible. They are selfish. They could even cause you and people around them, bodily harm or loss of life and probably would not care. They would do just about anything to keep themselves from looking bad. They often act before or without thinking or not caring about the consequences. May be they think they are not lying and cheating until they are caught.

Would you trust a liar and cheater with your wife or children? Could you trust them with secrets? What about Top Secrets? Would you put your life on the line for them, would you fight for them? Could you depend on them having your back? May be he loves you more than his wife.

What about a woman who accepts a lying, cheating husband? Is it the same as a "Dead Beat Dad"? Would you marry a man that would lie and cheat on you? When you learn your husband is a liar and cheater what action do you recommend or take? If a wife accepts a lying cheating husband, she is just as guilty, isn't she? The trust and love has been breached. Had you kept this at the forefront of your marriage, just may be it would not happen.

Forgiveness is one thing; low ethical and moral standards are another, especially in a leadership position. How can you hold someone responsible or accountable for a law you willingly violate? Why the same old marriage vows? When does reality really come in? How do we fix the problem? Bosses will not, but wives will?

No one wants a lying and cheating husband nor anyone who tolerates a lying cheating husband, especially in a leadership role. When you think about it, it just ain't worth the consequences.

How do I know, because I cheated and it was easier. So now, I live alone. Without proper education, cheating will continue to rise.

Clean House

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Comments : You are perfectly right in saying that a failed commitment to your spouse is basically a indication of an inability to commit elsewhere. Nevertheless, commitment can mean something entirely different for men in comparison to women. As you are aware, love and sex for men can be two separate entities in other word a dichotomy. Men often claim to love their wives dearly but often have sex with other women and consider themselves committed to the woman that involves an emotional attachment.

As for a guilty woman that tolerates a cheating husband; she is trying to sustain a family unit in order to avoid losing a father figure in the home; or economically dependant on her husband; and finally the inconvenience of becoming familiar with someone new in which there is no guarantee that he will not cheat too.

I believe guilty is an unfair term to use, weak maybe a more appropriate word. Melanie, Great Britian

I know and "weak" is a good word and excuse, but we must start some where to get things back on track, even if it means changing our vows. What good is a vow from a weak minded person? A communication you never intended to keep? That is why we make a commitment, to get through the weak moments. If you can no longer keep your end of the bargain, then make it know,,,don't cheat, because you put the lives of those around you in jeopardy. "Cheating" any way, shape, form or fashion is just unacceptable, in my book. Who wants to be cheated on? Get a good understanding up front, however you want you relationship to go and keep the lines of communication open and work together. ---Art

The Other Woman

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