Hypnosis to succeed

Hypnosis is it for you? There are no bad questions, just bad answers. I tried it a few times.

Well, I am not sure. To me hypnosis would be some form of being spell bound. Now, I could be totally wrong. But, that is what I was expecting. Just may be I had the wrong hypnotist.

If you ask me if I have ever tried hypnosis and I will say yes, a few times back in the day. Curiosity killed that cat?

How was it? I would say I don’t know because I did not and still do not feel any different. I may be still hypnotized and not aware of it. (smile)

By now, in my life, I feel I am able and capable of being dedicated to my cause. But staying focused takes more effort for some than for others.

Do I know people who have been hypnotized? Yes, and I love them, but they are still flightier as ever. They did not immediately stop doing what they were wanted to stop.

I will tell you this. Hypnosis is a common practice and a profession. Do your research. I have not been inspired to try hypnosis again. I got nothing against it and have heard the good, bad and ugly stories. At this stage in my life, I can not see hypnosis doing anything I can not do with prayer and meditation? That the magic within any person should never be suppressed and as long as you are able to keep that spark alive, which is your spirit, what more do you need? Patience is a virtue and you can accomplish whatever your God given purpose. As long as you believe, you will keep the faith. Start doubting yourself and here comes trouble.

Listen to your inner voice, surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed and communicate. Here is a great place to start! In the SBI forums, you can find just about every subject and inquire about with people who care for other people. That works just as well or better than anything else I’ve tried. So keep the faith.

your inner voice.com...connecting more.

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