I just wanted to thank you.

I want to THANK YOU, for how long or short forever is?

Any and every second is forever. Ready or not is forever. In the blink of an eye is longer than forever.

As we talk about the future like it is forever, remember how quick forever comes. I will do it tomorrow is longer than forever.

40 days, 40 nights or 40 years are longer than forever. So, when I tell you "I love you forever, that is not nearly enough. I must show you every second. If you really want to know what forever looks like, do not take me off your mind.

It does take a bit of wisdom to get there. Do grandparents have wisdom, what about GREAT Grandparents? You could learn more from your Grandparents, than anybody or thing else.

Will your grandparents depart wisdom with you? It takes a bit of spiritual intervention, to reach out and communicate with your grandparents. Remember, it was your grandparents who taught you about forever. Now, how long is forever?

Act like it. I thank you forever?

(((your inner

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