The Illusion 2011


Think and Exist, what’s so important about existing in an illusion?

Is everybody high or what, is it just me who sees all of this?

We expect criminals to confess, even though we have created a system because we know they will not, because we know we will not. Expose yourself to the reality of life. How long can we keep living this life of illusions?

What's true, what's honorable, what's just? Straight answers and sound decisions, how can you or that be positive? Is there any response from the public?

Knowing we know, but do not want to know is being irresponsible; so we pretend by going through all the trouble to create these illusions to look like we are doing, exactly what we know we're not? What is your education teaching you, are you learning anything worthwhile? How can you when we aren't doing anything worthwhile?

What kind of idiots are we? When what you think is happening, is not really happening but the opposite is, but you keep working like it's not!!! What kind of shit is that? Are you coming or going at the same time, it’s pretty hard to do both?

Life in 2011 is the greatest illusion. Bright lights and big cities, we’ve thought and existed till we cannot think and exist anymore, so we have created all these great illusions. Why all these tall mysterious buildings, why not something more practical?

It's the same in all we do. We know it but do not want you to know it, as if you don't already know - pathetic. We just can't have a normal pair of shoes, we need shoes for all our entertainment pleasures, but we fail to see the cost - animals. Are they a result of hamburgers, cows, one of the largest single sources of meat. Several hundred pounds from just one cow and we kill millions every year. We can raise as many as need, yet beef is one of the most expensive meats in our markets - illusions.

What good does it do to eat good food when the food you're eating is no good? Isn't that obvious? As a matter of fact it's making you worse.

People, who would normally not commit crimes, are committing crimes today at an alarming rate. So, what do we do, act like it's not affecting us? Now, we're both taking wrong actions and the problem goes without being solved?

Our leaders are now our greatest penetrators and hence, people who under normal circumstances would not commit crimes are being forced to commit crimes, if they want to survive. Don't be in denial; it's just like our prison systems.

Utility companies and people who would normally have $20 water bills are now receiving $187 water bills, whether they used the water or not. The question is: What happens to the money? And once you get one, it is harder than ever to get off, no matter how ridiculous. Any more a fair days work for a fair days pay is the greatest illusion, yet we expect YOU to be honest.

How long can we exist with this thinking, without thinking, while machines do all of our work – the illusion? The more machines work, the less we get, go figure.

Automated answering machines, you’re number 13 on the cue! What kind of sense does that make and the illusion becomes grander and grander. The line between sane and insane has been erased. That’s what you get when a machine does your work, who cares.

How can you want a car on which you cannot work, do not understand, and you want to drive, listen to the radio, cds, movies, talk on the phone, follow GPS, look in the cameras and all at the same time – an entertaining death trap. Autos with character and conviction, how can that be?

The more illusions you create, the more illusions you must create and we just can’t quite seem to keep up with our illusions. Take new cars for example. The problem is they are illusions of the worse kind. When all we wanted was dependable transportation.

JOBS gone and we blame the economy, well who is the economy, is it the president or the people? Are we really a powerless people, even less powerful than we could have ever imagined? Are you sleeping on the job? ARe we in deep trouble? Does this show you how really bad things are? Does this inspire you to positive action?

Disguises in all shapes, forms and fashions, are they real or not? Though we cringe on third world countries and all of their weird to us decorations, beliefs and behaviors, who is actually weirder?

Young or old, you never know to whom you’re talking, Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs? They are illusions of how great we are, created by ourselves, for ourselves to fool others.

REALLY, where is your God, why does he require you to go all these places, including church? Cars, trains, buses just weren't fast enough so you created planes and rockets.

Why are your churches places of material wealth? Where is the spiritual aspect of it all? Who in their right mind would want to fool themselves?

What you see is no longer what you get. Understanding, the most important thing we can get, is a thing of the past, gone right out the door with logic – there goes “thinking”.

An illusion is nothing more than a lie. The more lies you tell, the more lies you must tell. We're too sophisticated to admit to that.

Now, we have all this great technology, just how does it compare to technology of the past, the Great Pyramids and others? Do you care - selfish?

Think and exist, how can you get anything worthwhile accomplished living in a world of illusions?

What will your memories be? Do you really know the difference?

Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just … if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. Massive public pressure, spread the word far and wide.

(((your inner

Mirage I am

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