Living in Germany

Ich Liebe Dich!

Those weren't the only words I learned, (smile). Have you ever lived abroad before?

My experience?

When and how did you decide to move to Kasierslautern, Germany? Is it complicated to settle down in Kaserslautern?

The army assigned me there in 1988 and I decided to retire there in 1992. So from 92 - 98, I lived on the Germany economy. I enjoyed learning more about the language and culture.

Settling in Germany isn't very complicated, however there is a bit of bureaucracy to deal with. Kaiserslautern has the largest population of Americans, so it was like home away from home.

It took a while for me to stop converting prices to USD when making purchases.

What did you like most about Germany?

My favorite things about Germany, and Munich in particular, include the high quality of life, biergartens, Christmas markets, public transportation, the constant cultural events + festivals, the parks and flower gardens. The highlight of my visit was visiting "The Eagle's Nest".Things there were clean, efficient, and organized.

How was the cultural shock?

The culture shock for me was mainly centered around the language barrier when I first arrived and people weren't very warm and friendly. It was somewhat surprising to me how rude complete strangers would be to me or others. There seems to be a 'me first' sentiment that still feels foreign to me. Life in Germany is very different from the US in that manner.

What did you miss from America?

I missed the large family events and pot luck parties, the array of foods, and of course family and friends, and inexpensive, yet quality clothing.

My best souvenir?

Experiences aside, my best souvenir was having my very own biergarten.

Why do you include this in your blog?

Giving back. I love getting emails from people who have had similar experiences. Hope to meet some of the people with whom I've lost contact. May be new visitors and tourists will have a better experience.

Which advice would give to people who would like to live in Germany?

It takes a certain type of person to be an expat, because it does tend to be high-highs and low-lows, but it's what you make of it. Learning some German exponentially increases the quality of life there. I've been rather surprised to see how people with no connections to Germany have uprooted their lives and been able to get visas, jobs, and create a life for themselves. It's worth trying if you dream of a life of great entreprenuer experiences! Try SBI!

I really enjoyed Germany and the language.. Your comments are welcome, Comment!

Ich Liebe Dich!

von ganzem Herzen, mein Schatz!

Mein Herz schlägt nur für dich!

Liebst du mich?

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