and (((IDEA KILLERS)))?

Is this the best there is? Which is greater, idea makers or idea killers?

Welcome to the crowd. Many of us have great ideas, but just what do we do about them?

I talk with so many people, trying so many ideas, yet the same results,,,Why? That's where I liken ideas to dreams. We go to school and then what? That continues until you say "to hell with it". There goes another life-saving idea in a grave.

What about the fear of running out of ideas? Well, it sounds good, it's my passion, i know i need to do it,,,"Butt"? That is where I liken ideas to life and your faith. When things get tough, what does the idea do? Get going!

I've been burned so many times! I am so confused! Well who successful hasn't?

The fear factor, when your idea is so far-fetched you do nothing about it, that is sad isn't it?

Then, there are the patience and ROI factors, all of which can cause you to pre-maturally abandon your idea. I call them ((("idea killers"))). You must get around, over or under them, of course without causing physical hurt, harm or danger. There are those who "can see" and those who are "blinded by the light". Some will change and some will not. You say, blind but now I see.

And then there's the Regret Factor. You see someone with far more greater handicaps than you, who had the same idea and that idea has taken them to fame and fortunate. Just one little simple idea, actioned by someone much less fortunate. You see them all the time on tv.

Why can't I?

First thing, is to get your ideas out of your head and to someone or some place where they can be actioned.

Ideas are meant to be shared. They are important to living our best lives. Show people you are going to succeed in your idea, with or without them.

Like my website, can you imagine the number of people who visited, looked, and may be even wanted to help, but for whatever reasons decided against. Now, look!

I mean people with great ideas, ideas I had no earthly idea about. Here's the sad part about it all, they are critical ideas that could have saved your life.

Now, here's how my idea works: Train Now! Join Now!, Buy Now!, Click Here!, Read Now! Prosper Now!

Keep hope alive...Here is the best way to get your ideas out of your head and in front of someone who may be able to help you.

Are your ideas even worth it? Ideas are seeds, they bare nothing until they fall in the right place. Then they become full of life sustaining energy, keeping us and our environment fresh and vibrant. Ideas are divine! Add your own, or bring an existing idea to life.

Which is greater, idea makers or idea killers? Idea Makers or you wouldn't be here. Would the world be any better without you and I?

(((your inner

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