Ideas Are Divine

That is divine ideas!

We all have ideas, they make laws, rules and regulations. Everything we do starts from an idea.

You have that group of people who are affraid to act on their own ideas. What is an idler? Some you just can't help because of who you are, in their eyes. As it is known, the prophet is not recognized in his own land?

So when everything has goen awry, what do I do? Nothing, before divine intervention.

I am a divine idea, guided and inspired by compassion. My mind and heart are like fertile soil as I turn to meditation. I open my awareness to divine ideas, which leads to wholeness and abundance in life.

Just as I plant a tiny seed that will someday grow into a mighty tree, I plant the seeds of divine ideas within my consciousness through my thoughts and words. I feed these ideas with wisdom and enthusiasm, and I nurture them with actions and interactions.

I am alert to all the new possibilities life presents. I respond to life with passion as I mature mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

If you do not sow seeds, how can you expect a harvest? --


(((your inner

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