The Ideal Person???

Is it hard to match yourself? Are you the ideal person? For whom? Have you met them? Are you like chalk and charcoal? Are you able to find and maintain your healthy balance in life?

We are doing too many things at one time? Are they distracting us? We are constantly reshaping ourselves into our own image, so when we get to where we need to be, we couldn’t be further away from the truth.

Meeting the ideal person for you takes guts. No guts, no glory! An ideal person is someone with whom you have enough in common to form a strong bond and foundation, but different enough that they have something significant to offer.

You can only learn from people and experiences that you have never had and do not know. Like Chalk & Charcoal, your differences cover all the gray areas. However, right now these gray areas are not being covered and that is very dangerous? Why not?

There's something on the inside all human beings that demands growth – our passions to survive. Call it the shortcut to accomplishing all our purposes in life. If the American Indians weren't prepared, then they never could have accepted the Pilgrims.

Passions lie deep down inside, somewhere between growth and greed. Once you fulfill one, it’s replaced by another. You grow in confidence, creating a safe and secure life for all concerned. What’s wrong with that picture?

Just the same, we create comfort zones for ourselves. Though all continues to move and grow around us, we do not want to turn loose, go nor grow accordingly- stunted growth. That’s what happens when we do not get the proper love and nutrition our bodies require. To each other, we become even more vulnerable, dangerous, insecure, lazy or overwhelmed trying to meet the dictates of a stagnant society, which is doing everything it can to hold on to a piece of ground. Think about that, all we do to hold on to a piece of something we can never have. Comfort zones stifle growth and make us fearful of each other, change and the unknown.

Trying to fit in, we’ll do anything but, to get where we think we ought to be. Call that taking the long way around in life. It’s like driving to Florida to get to New York.

Healthy growth requires pursuing our passions and is the surest and quickest way to get where we need to be. Call that getting our economy back on track, but this time the right tracks. There will be no disappointments, confusion or chaos, how can there be when we are all busy doing what we are supposed to, when, where, why we are supposed to.

Meeting the ideal person means constantly confronting and working with the person who is not exactly like you.

Humans are not complacent creatures. It's only when we're scared to grow that we cling to things and people with whom we know we can never have that makes us most comfortable.

The ideal person lives within you. He/she talks to you every day about abstaining from the stupid ways of our own. How often do we listen and obey? Better obey the dictates of a wicked man than the dictates of your own pure heart; therefore we very seldom leave our comfort zones. Anytime we feel threatened, we become even more rigid and turn our backs on others. Think about how we treat ourselves and others? Success!

The ideal person lives inside you.

Why: Opposites attract. What good is thinking when you fail to act?

Idea leveraging?

(((your inner

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