Idea Leveraging

lead through leverage, overcoming institutional inertia,

Idea leverage is seeding concepts that are then emulated by others, leading by example.

By being nimbler, we help to get them moving. We provide the nudge, perhaps, that's needed to overcome institutional inertia . . . point them in promising directions . . . stay alongside as they navigate the tricky shoals and narrows . . . and then, once clear, watch them set sail.

We know a program idea is on the right path when it produces early results that inspire others to emulate it, or to join in funding the effort along with us. We know a program is succeeding when people start to "own" it-not only by taking financial responsibility, but by taking hold of the idea and making it better.

By leading through leverage, we hope to multiply our impact and see ideas become bigger than we could have grown them on our own.

—Carl J. Schramm, The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation is often referred to as one of the largest foundations in the United States—or as the world's largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship.


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