Ignorance an excuse

Why do we spend so much time, effort and resources drawing on our face? Shaving, shaping, edging, coloring, picking, some even go so far as to re-make theirs? Does any other group of people spend as much time in a mirror as AMERICANS?

Can ignorance be a legitimate excuse for repeated ignorance and offenses? Accidents happen and lessons are learned.

Can ignorance be an excuse for repeated offensives? Plead ignorance? I do not know? We know everything else, but when it comes to the real important stuff, you know that stuff you do not have to do, but you must? You must do it, but you keep trying to prolong it. You want to live more than your fair share of time, but you do not want to do what it takes to make it easy. Why tempt yourself? Fancy cars, airplanes, you know about what I am talking. You must die!

In advising me on what to do when you feel church people are a bit obnoxious?

Sometimes church can be like a professional contact sport, even though I don't know of any sports being mentioned in the bible? Better than pro basket, hockey, rugby, tongues, high jump? I really have never seen a sport, no matter how brutal, that can top what happens at some churches, some of the time. Timing is everything. Even cross-burning,,,heck, they’ll even burn down the church? I ain’t never been able to figure this out. A nice lady, dressed up, not even a porn movie can compete? Exorcist, no problem! If people told what was really going on inside God’s house??? Everything except Money Laundering? Now, I have never personally experienced this, but I understand, they already know.

Forgiveness of sins, how many times, intentional or unintentional, premeditated or…. Them rattlesnakes! Do not we deserve dignity?

Any way, I was told ignoring obnoxious church people is the secret to getting alone with them. It seems that is true. The Preacher ignores, The Deacons ignore, The Priests ignore, Christians ignore…. But can ignorance be an excuse?

Can church people be in disagreement, arguing, fighting and go where they think they ought to be going? Why do they keep pretending? God knows your heart whether you go to church or not. I am talking about some really stupid people. The can piss you off. Gun laws in church…. Now, that is funniiiiiennnn!!

Any way, I am sick and tired of ignoring you? So what am I going to do, it is time you be recognized. YOU KNOW?

Will one apple spoil the whole bunch? I need dollars! Once you tell someone something they can no longer have an excuse, they get what they deserve. Now ask yourself why is our economy like it is? Does the boat have a hole in it or is that just my imagination? Most folk know you cannot go too far in a boat, with a hole in it? Okay, less get to the point,,,,can you go even that distance with a hole in your heart? Not from a bullet, but ignorance.

How do we recognize great accomplishments? How do they respond? It’s the same with gross negligence and behavior… You must find a nice way to let folk know.

It is failing to properly recognize these good hearted people that is causing us to fail. Life time warranty, whose life time?

People feel cheated, but will they say anything? Ignoring stupid,,,we no longer know what stupid is any more...stupid is as stupid does. It's not my house, but it is my country, community, neighborhood. See how stupid! So your neighbor's house gets robbed and nobody sees anything?

You don't have to be a snitch, just a good neighbor. How else can you have a good neighborhood? A nice church, store, people are not affraid to shop by you. They don't need to feel threaten. Remember being caught in some neighborhoods after dark - no excuse.

How do you expect the police to find them, if you say nothing - Fraud, Waste and Abuse.

Ignorance cannot be your excuse, not even for one time. If you did not know, You should have asked? Like taking the initiative on a job and screwing things up, its all going to fall on you.

If you leave your car door open with your pocketbook on the seat, should you be surprised to return and find it gone? Think about things, you are responsible whether you know it or not.

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