Strategies to improve literacy.

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Reading for a more literate culture and a more productive citizen.

Reading, what a great reason and way to spend quality time together.

The number of people who cannot read fluently continues to grow and so does the need for literacy programs. With the advent of the internet this will soon change.

Is it that people see no need for reading or teaching reading not a high priority?

How do they learn? They communicate, learn, perceive reality and embrace core beliefs through oral communications.

The basic reading skill is necessary to successfully complete school but is that same skill necessary for living a successful life? Yes, even the smartest person can enhance their knowledge base and spirit of sharing through reading.

Belonging to the thousands of oral cultures who do not prefer to interact with the world through reading. All I can say here is, Monkey see, Monkey do.

Men, it seems for some reason shy away from reading. Yet, they want to have an increased knowledge base. Well, one of the easiest and quickest ways to do that is through reading and sharing.

For life skills, let us see if I can just name a few reason why mastering the art of reading is so important in adulthood.

  • Improved communications and social skills? Make reading fun!

  • Expanded learning, making it less difficult to get where you want to go and more difficult to be taken advantage of?

  • Something good to do when you are bored? Character Counts

  • When adults get excited about reading so does our children?

  • Don't forget, reading goes hand in hand with writing. You also improve your writing skills. Now, you can read and write your own story.

    Now, how can I help? I am not an avid reader, but I enjoy reading for the above reasons. I really enjoy reading inspirational stuff and anything I think will help me live better. I was and still am surprised about how little I know and how much I learn from reading the work of others. Improving my life skills just by having the desire and the ability to read.

    All you have to do is practice. Look up your favorite subject, something you are really interested to know and start reading. Commit to 15 minutes a day and within 30 days your reading skills will have significantly improved.

    Once you have completed that, do the same for something you do not enjoy reading. Just for the hell of it! Need motivation, invite your favorite friend. Now, that is 60 days and you are ready to go. Don't stop.

    If you can read and know someone who can not, invite them to read with you. I know most will not allow you to know they can not read. Just keep inviting and eventually you will be known for helping people learn or improve their ability to read. What a great way to help and give back.

    Here is a tip. Do not be afraid nor reluctant to ask for help. You can meet some nice people by doing just that.

    Monkey see, Monkey do, a picture is worth a thousand words, make the invisible visible and help make the silent majority heard. is a great place to start!

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