Illness, the Definition

There is power in your touch and comfort in your presence.

Is Illness who your are? Is your life defined by a diagnosis? How much do we try to avoid one another? By doing that, are we taking away from our power base? Look to what this has come.

I am not against the medical industry, but I am concerned we often do not do as much as we can for ourselves and family members, causing great stress upon the medical industry and medicine to become a ball and chain around our lives.

Why is conventional medicine in such high demand? What did people do prior to this great demand? Which lifestyle is better?

I am facing my senior years and when I look at people who are ahead of me, my future does not look all that bright due to the drug supply required to carry me through and the expense. There has got to be a better way.

To save alot of medical bills, whatever happened to life-giving energy in mind, body and spirit? Why is that on the decrease and does this decrease give rise to greater medical dependency and expense? Whatever happened to all the stuff we could do to help heal ourselves? Why was it good enough, when it brought us thus far?

Now, we squabble of health-care reform. Whatever happened to our heart to visit the sick and shut-ins?

Reaching out to others, asking for support and providing love and complete acceptance to those who need healing power.

Do we grossly underestimate our power within? Have we abandoned it? How powerful is your touch and how comforting is your presence? There is great power in your touch and comfort in your presence.

All in the crowd were trying to touch him, for power came out from him and healed all of them.

(((your inner

OIL - you better sit down

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