Impeach Bush, Cheney and McCain

To protect and preserve our system of government?

Support for our troops?

Because we love America?

  1. Bush deliberately misled Congress and the American public about the reasons for invading Iraq. Premediatated murder?

  2. Bush conducted warrantless electronic surveillance of American citizens. Spying on the people he has sworn to protect and serve?

  3. Bush violated the Geneva Convention and US Anti-Torture Laws by approving the torture of prisoners of war. Treason?

  4. Bush violated International Law and US law by invading a sovereign country for illegal purposes.

  5. Bush did not meet the requirements of HJR114 and therefore invaded Iraq without authority.

  6. Bush undermined the Legislature's ability to pass laws through the excessive use of signing statements.

  7. Bush undermined the Congreses ability to conduct oversight through the excessive use of Executive Privilege to prevent subordinates from testifying before Congress.

  8. Bush illegally used government funds for domestic political propaganda related to the administration's Medicare package, paying commentator Armstrong Williams, etc.

  9. Dick Cheney supported these actions and shot a fellow hunter.

  10. John McCain is campaigning to support and continue these kind of actions and efforts.

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How to Impeach Bush and Cheney

How to Impeach McCain

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