Independence Day Four July 2009

4 july 09

One people one standard to celebrate and aspire!

Two hundred and thirty-three years ago, our nation was born when a courageous group of patriots pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to the proposition that all of them were created equal.

Independence Day, United States, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

Fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, picnics, concerts, baseball games, political speeches, ceremonies, and various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the United States? Independence Day is the national day of the United States.

4 July has always been one of those confusing holidays to me. Before I knew what this day was all about, I loved it. It was great celebrating. After I learned what it was all about, it depressed me. How could I with all my heart celebrate this day, for this day is a day that caused mea and my ancestors great pain and suffering. It was this day that caused black males pain and suffering. And to some, it has been made fun of “Let's have a "Picnik"! :-). So, for years now, I have said to hell with my 4th of July and thank you for the day off…I will just be happy for those who find something to celebrate and I will celebrate “life”. I heard about Juneteeth and over the past years, I hoped for an opportunity to learn and celebrate it, but for Georgia it is still up in the air.

However, not 4 July, 2009! This is one 4th of July; I am honored to have lived to see. Think about where I come from, the other side of the tracks. So even though I do not know when slaves were freed in the state of Georgia, I know when I felt free, in the state of Georgia. This is the first 4th of July, I had just as much reason as any one else to do all those things the joy of freedom might inspire one to do.

First I would like to acknowledge my ancestors and the roles they played for the freedom I enjoy today! Then Mr. Obama for having the vision and courage to run for President of the United States and then again for being one of the Best Presidents the United States has ever had, especially during my life time. I would like to thank the people who supported him, the people who made for a smooth transition and last but not least, I would like to thank America for embracing this change.

Of all the years, as of 4 July 2009, I feel a reason to celebrate FREEDOM in the United States of America. For the first time in my life, I feel honored, invited, adopted and welcome to America. Like a special guest standing on the shoulders of my fore parents, I am experiencing the greatest of warmth for Africa and America. Though we were tricked into slavery, at no other time in life have I felt more dedicated to her cause and justified in my actions to defend her. So if you are from the other side of the tracks—Look out!!! Because, this year I will be joining you in celebrating this very historical moment in reaching another critical milestone with the election of our first President of color, President Barack Obama. Somehow, there is just a tiny little pixel inside me that says, You have elected me, an Indian and an African. You have shown to the world that you can get over color, creed…that as the largest melting pot of all, we really are working to become one people with one standard. This is a day and a reason for the world to celebrate with us.

To recognize that my ancestors did not suffer in vain, this 4th of July 2009 I will celebrate in truth, in logic, in reason and in oneness.

Today we pledge that "All of 'us' are created equal. All Americans have a hard-fought birthright to a freedom which enables each of us, no matter our views or background, to help set our nation's course. As free people, we must each take the challenges and opportunities that face this nation as our own. As long as some Americans still must struggle, none of us can be fully content.

Today is a day to reflect on our independence, and the sacrifice of our troops standing in harm's way to preserve and protect it. It is a day to celebrate all that America is. And today is a time to aspire toward all we can still become.

Free at last, Free at last! May freedom ring the world over! Thank you for sharing…

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