Independent Workers

Independence seems to be what life is all about and for what we are working. That within us which makes us and encourages us to be the individuals that we are. However, in actuality, it all seems to be a different story. Why?

To achieve this independence, for whatever reasons, we put ourselves into precarious situations. Even as adults, we find it easier for someone else to be responsibile for our daily living. In our daily living we profess to live by spiritual guidance, but our work causes us to live otherwise. Now we live and work further and further away from our spiritual guidance than ever. We lose freedom and a strong sense of self-worth. It is all seen through somebody else's eyes. The majority of their motivation comes from outside sources, which leads to a false sense of safety and security. What is your credit score?

Independent workers are not the norm. We must draw strength, courage and motivation from within. Independent workers are open to and follow their spiritual guidance. Because you are an independent worker does not mean you are working against the grain. You are an independent thinker and not willing to compromise your faith for personal gain.

With every challenge comes a crossroad. I have come to a crossroad in my life and this is an opportunity and a place for me to pause and reflect on the road I have travelled and choices that lie ahead. This is an opportunity for self-revival and to replenish my stock, for the long journey ahead.

As I pause, and listen, a calm washes over me. I am better able to discern the guidance I have been seeking. It is then, I am led to my greater good.

If we live by the spirit let us work by the spirit. Tools to work on you!

your inner

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