India Village Care Ministries

India Village Ministries

Why India village care Ministries?

India has over 1050 million people.

There are 6,50000 (.65 Million) villages in India. Around 73% of people are living in villages.

Thousands of villages are unevangelized which don’t have any single witness of Jesus Christ. Around 30% of the People are living below poverty line without enough, proper food, nutrition, accommodation,; clothes, Educational and Medical facilities. Tens of thousands of Orphans, Semi orphans, abandoned, street children and poor children are here.

By Understanding the physical and spiritual needs of people we have committed ourselves for the Lord’s ministry and social work. Both are important to our society.

India Village Care Ministries conducts village Evangelism and church planting. We also run New Hope Orphanage.

Primary motto is Lord`s ministry

Secondary motto is social service.

I believe that though my beginning is small, latter end would increase abundantly.

Kindly pray for our ministries.

Indfia village care ministries
NO2/103A,Chavadi Street
Sundara Nachiapuram(PO)
Rajapalayam, Tamil nadu 626142, India
94432 76770 Mobile Phone

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