Indian Baptist Church

Christ Association For Social Awareness

I am a pastor since 16 years of age.

I converted Christain from Hindusm.

God has called me for His kingdom work. I have baptised one baptist church.

Last 4 years I started another baptist church at Aids people and village people. This church name is Indian Baptist Church.

My ministry name is CASA (Christ Association For Social Awareness Church Ministry).

I am doing some social work under this CASA banner.

Please pray for my India Ministry. We are all praying for you and your family and your minisrtry.

God bless you.

Rev. Endluri Prabhakar
Indian Baptist Church and CASA Ministry
post box n0=24, 1-9-54/a, Sita Ram Colony
Samalkot, Andra Pradesh 533440 India
+91 884 2327496 Business or
+91 98482 34008 Personal

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