Infants Considered Accursed

An infant or baby is the beginning of all human development.

Before I can consider having an infant there is an inherent responsibility to be considered. Within that responsibility is an extensive amount of knowledge and skills to be acquired and mastered, in order for my infant to live their best life. I am responsible for my actions.

First, I am not concerned who has sex, how often, porn star, married or not. This sexual encounter focuses on child bearing and myself.

Peer pressure- we promote sex like a sporting event, trying to prove how safe sex can be. How much better we can make it? We are constantly on a quest for better sex? We have, at our disposal, all the tricks needed to improve our sex life? Sex is an important way to learn how compatible you are? Oh, you can practice until you are really ready to settle down. Were you making love or having sex? What happens when you think your best sex is with your next partner? Why is there such a large market in sex? We can not be satisfied sexually and experience great difficulty in knowing to whom to give our sex. The commercial aspects of sex do not adequately address the possibilities of becoming pregnant and subjecting yourself, love ones and your baby to unnecessary stress, pain and suffering?

The goodness of sex is all in the mind and has nothing to do with making love. What holds you when you can not have sex? So during child bearing years, do not be fooled. You can play with sex as long and for all you “lack”, but without love, play sex is always very dangerous. You want one thing-safe sex, but you are doing another-unsafe sex. What is safe about sex? What is the best way for you to be assured, even after child bearing years, which is another story? Are we a sex-obsessed society?

Making LOVE, which is a 24/7 lifelong divine experience, to be shared by and with everyone, is the atmosphere for building strong families and communities. Loving and caring communities are the communities we seek. After you find love, then the question about starting a family is in order. There is no pressure and you can enjoy acquiring the skills and knowledge required to be sexually responsible or to keep your man from tipping around the corner.

Too often the first principle to be violated is discipline. Then, there is the thing of making responsible decisions and the downward spiral continues. Just In Case, Love is all that is needed. Always, remember what is really at stake- a life? An infant or baby is the beginning of all human development which is initiated during the act of having sex.

Like an infant who never saw the light of day, why was I not aborted, stillborn or abused? Why am I having to abort? How do infants survive? Who is responsible? How do I find the one I love? What is my commitment in having sex with the one I love? What is theirs? And if all fails, there is still an infant which needs to be taken care of.

An infant who lives but a few days is a person who does not live out their years? He who dies at a hundred will be thought a mere youth; he who fails to reach a hundred will be considered accursed.

Homework? Is that how the curse is being passed on? Infants.

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