Racial integration Forced and/or Voluntary Integration

Should we be separated based upon race? Racial hatred, why? One race being superior or inferior to the other, is it true? Is racism healthy? Can racism lead to anything good? Then, why do you have that problem? Is racism an inherited or learned trait?

Racial integration, or simply integration includes desegregation (the process of ending systematic racial segregation).

Is integration good or bad? What are the effects of integration? Is integration effecting you, how? What to do about it?

Well, we integrated to give minorities’ access to the same opportunities as whites. We integrated in restaurants, water fountains, laundry mats, schools … We had two different entities for two different people. Every thing was black and white. So down the road somewhere blacks demanded equal treatment, which turned to equal rights, we demanded equal treatment- Food, water, shelter, Voting, bathrooms. Some kind of way, equal rights turned to civil rights and blacks were forced to integrate with whites. It has never been the other way around.

In a way, we volunteered/demanded/sacrificed for this and some kind of way, we were forced in to it. Unequal and inhumane treatment lead to demands to be treated equally. Efforts to appease those demands were met with civil rights and forced integration.

Forced integration for the oppressed and the oppressor. The oppressed people, in demanding to be treated equally, used access to material wealth to measure equal treatment. As long as blacks had equal rights or access to the same material wealth as the oppressor, they were integrated. As long as you had a job, house, a car and grocery stores, you were satisfied. Now, comes the time of integrating our schools and you know the rest of the story?

Is integration good? Integration is no good. When people have to be forced to do something, there is going to be greater problems. You have the oppressed and the oppressor, both of which should seek Human Rights. Human rights are the only rights needed and every human being respects and expects human rights.

What are the effects of integration? Nobody talks—communications? Feeling of resentment, closing all the black schools and moving to schools out of black neighborhoods. Black neighborhoods property value seriously declined. Blacks lost control of children and communities. Domestic violence on the rise. Parents lost confidence in schools and other community organizations to discipline and/or police themselves, hence increased crime. Who’s responsible, nobody takes responsibility. It is someone else’s responsibility to perform all those family and community duties that families and communities have given up on. Trust and working together in the same communities are non existent.

Is integration affecting you, how? Today, there are still folk who hate folk just because they are black or white. You will be hard pressed to find black folk who hate white folk, why is that? Black people normally, respect all people. White folk expect to be respected; it is just the way we were raised. What black folk used to do to raise themselves, no longer counts. Integration caused black people to think they do not need black people. Where are the standard created by black people? Double standards, we have one standard at work and another at home. Our children do not respect us, therefore our future looks very dim. Integration has us thinking that everything they do is fine and everything you did was wrong. While the poor people squabble over rights, rich folk are profiting. Integration is not good the way we did it to each other.

What to do about it? What can you do about it, you are in it now? Human rights are the only way to go.

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