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Driving traffic and making money?

what a croc! Give me ur money and know it's gone instead of wasting it every month with bogus deals like these guys talk about.

The internet is evolving and changing as each second passes. It won't be Google and the search engines calling the shots, but the PEOPLE surfing the web and recommending what is relevant and what is not.

Those that don't think it's profitable to create websites and drive traffic to those (niche) websites focused on specific topics people are searching for are crazy - it works. There are over 31 billion searches on the web EVERY MONTH now through Google compared to only a few billion back in 2006. What does this mean? People search for information every day and more and more people rely on the internet to find that information. When was the last time you were curious about something (a review, price, product info) and DIDN'T Google it?

A website can have a small amount of traffic, but if the visitors are BUYERS. Who cares if you get 2 million visitors a month if nobody buys! What if you could drive a few hundred visitors a month to a website, and each of them made a few purchases? If you don't think it's profitable, you're living in the dark ages.

Still the Best Business in town for the investment.

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Poem written in 1912 describes what could be the internet.

Making Money with your Web Site

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