Jackson's Doctor

Caregiver to prime murder suspect.

The very warm and good-hearted Doctor Conrad Murray, in his best efforts to help the king of pop Michael Jackson, has put his own life and freedom in jeopardy? His kindness and his concern for people were first and foremost and now he is the prime murder suspect.

Guilt or innocence remains to be seen while questions and controversies are popping up like wildfire over the unexpected death of the king of pop while under Dr. Murray’s care. So much so that authorities are determined to learn exactly what role did Dr. Murray play in his professional care of Michael Jackson, one of the world’s most beloved and respected entertainers and his most famous patient? Even his salary, $150,000 a month raises suspicion. What was he doing for that kind of money? His name will forever be associated with the death of the King of Pop.

Did the good doctor compromise his integrity? Was the good doctor really trying to remedy Mr. Jackson health related problems or was he just out for himself?

Did he recognize Mr. Jackson’s addiction and continued to supply him? Did he know about all the aliases that Michael was using to receive prescription drugs?

Being a certified medical physician, when he discovered Mr. Jackson, did he immediately call for help or continued CPR in hopes of covering his tracks?

Where and from whom did he get the medications to administer Mr. Jackson, who was his supplier?

Dr. Murray probably was not the only one involved, but the last one. That because he was a doctor, he may have thought he could get away with what he was doing. Is there any evidence any where showing the doctor doing good moral and ethical work, in regard to Mr. Jackson?

Once in a life time opportunity, physician or drug dealer, Do you feel sorry for him?

Lesson learned: No matter your position or how much someone is paying you, it is good to have limits on what someone can pay you to do.

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