Job Loss 2009

Why is our economy suffering so?

As the US economy recovers, much of that recovery is measured by the unemployment rate.

I am not sure about that? First, if we did what we are supposed to do, jobs would not be an issue. Why would you need a job if our services and resources are provided and distributed equally?

People would have the time and inspiration to do what they could to help each other, if it was not for the pressure of getting “a job”.

Haven’t we cut enough trees, built enough cars, schools, hospitals and other structures? Nuclear this? Atomic that? Double standards? Freedom and equality where? The problem is instead of remodeling, we destroy only to rebuild. Wasting valuable resources, we put very little value in what we have and learning to build upon it and money has become our greatest motivator.

How many times have we just wiped an area clean only to rebuild the very same structure? How many times do we just abandon a home, business, a whole shopping center, a mall, an apartment complex…? How many times have we paid for our antiquated utilities? What about oil, energy? Where is the historical value? Where are our priorities? Where is our leadership? Like, children with too many toys, we spoil everything.

There are very good reasons for our current economic breakdown and jobs scattered as they are! Waste, fraud and abuse, we have exploited and abused our labor force in every way possible. Cheating on pay, benefits, health care, unanounced closings, outsourcing and the list goes on! People have lost confidence and are increasingly losing confidence in our current job market.

Because of this corrupt exploitation of our labor force, resources and each other, crime rates are rising at alarming levels.

How can we come out of this smelling like a rose when we keep repeating the same old mistakes?

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