John McCain's 2008 Presidential Speeches

Advertising for Obama

In Sen. John McCain's speeches, ever noticed how many times he says the phrase, "Senator Obama"? So many times, it seems he is obsessed with the words "Senator Obama". He has even got Sarah Palin saying "Senator Obama".

Senator Obama is! Senator Obama would! Senator Obama wouldn't! Senator Obama has! Senator Obama signed! Senator Obama voted!, Last night Senator Obama, If Senator Obama, Like Obama...

His entire Presidential campaign, every speech begins and ends with the phrase, " Senator Obama".

It makes me think, if it was not for Senator Obama, what else would Senator McCain talk about? It seems Senator Obama is all he knows. Drill Baby Drill! Drilling In The Name of Senator Obama.

How can McCain expect to win, when all he talks about is Senator Obama? Do you think Sen. McCain is aware of how often he says the words, Senator Obama? And even crazier, the closer it gets to November 4, voting day, the more McCain talks about Senator Obama. I am sure the Obama campaign appreciates this help.

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