The Kapha diet

Vata, Pitta and Kapha

We are all trying to learn the best foods to eat, all over again. Well, if we knew we would be much healthier.

Think on all the times we've had a choice about what to eat, what kind of foods do we chose? Why? Are they making us healthier or sicker? Think of all the times you talk about what you do not like and refuse to eat? Think about how little we know about healthy foods and much we know about drugs? Just the reverse, if we spent more time and effort on healthy foods to eat, then drugs would not be in such high demand.

So with that, I would like the share The Kapha diet: Vata, Pitta and Kapha!

Definition: That which move things
Elements: Air & Ether
Governing Acton: Movement
Chief Locations: Large intestine, pelvic cavity, bones, ears, thighs and nerves
Chief Symptoms: Pain
Disturbance examples: Excessive movement, twitching, rapid breathing, rapid heart rate
Qualities: Cold, dry, light, subtle, flowing, mobile, sharp, hard, rough, clear

Definition: That which digests things
Elements: Fire and Water
Governing Acton: Digestion and Metabolism
Chief Locations: Small intestine, lower stomach, blood, sweat glands eyes, skin, liver and spleen
Chief Symptoms: Fever
Disturbance examples: Excessive heat in areas of the body
Qualities: Hot, moist, light, subtle, flowing, mobile, sharp, hard, rough, clear

Definition: That which holds things together
Elements: Water & Earth
Governing Acton: Lubrication, structure and growth, stability, immune strength
Chief Locations: Stomach, chest, throat, head, plasma, liquids of the body and synovial membranes
Chief Symptoms: Swelling
Disturbance examples: Swelling
Qualities: Cold, moist, heavy, gross, dense, static, dull, soft, smooth, cloudy

Vata Pitta Kapha

Foods listed as “Best” can be eaten without reservation on a daily basis.

Foods listed as “in Moderation” can be eaten in small portions fairly often or in large portionsonce or twice a week. Foods listed as “Avoid” can be eaten on rare occasions –it’s not what you do one in a while thatmatters, long term habits determine ones health. Healthy habits create healthy life, whereas

Bad habits create bad health

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