How to Keep Your PC Running like new

Clean, Quick and No additional cost or Obligation?

It is easy on you, your pc and your pocket!

Hidden Threats can slow your computer performance to a crawl or even cause it to crash.

A little preventive maintenance, can go a long way towards preventing problems. Keeping your PC "clean" and running at its best is as simple as establishing a routine maintenance schedule and using the right kinds of software to address the most common problems.

    Here are seven key "cleaning" tasks you can use on a regular basis (at least once a week):

  1. Run a Registry Cleaner

    If your computer is slower now than when you first bought it, the problem may be registry errors. Installing and removing software, playing online games, application crashes and upgrades of software problems can all create "natural" errors in your PC's registry. They accumulate over time and the more errors you have, the higher the likelihood for trouble.

    To protect your system, install a software that can check for system errors, clean, fix, and restore your Registry. Many are free to download. The programs scan and diagnose your PC's registry, tell you how many errors it found and give you the option to fix all errors for free.

    You will also find software ratings, both users and editors, 4 stars, calling it "a remarkable product, best of breed in its class, rising above its competitors by its innovative approach."

  2. Remove Spyware

    Did you know that 61 percent of PCs have spyware on them? And of those infected, 92 percent of users didn't know spyware was present on their computers.

    Spyware - software that gets installed on your computer without your knowledge or consent - is considered a serious security threat. Not only can spyware collect information about your Internet usage, it can install additional software, hijack your browser, change your computer settings and slow down your computer performance.

    Scan for spyware daily if you are on the Internet often and download frequently. Many companies offer completely free anti-spyware software for download.

  3. Viruses Protection

    Viruses continue to be a major threat to computer security, costing consumers and companies billions of dollars worldwide each year to prevent virus transmission and clean up.

    Subscribe to a virus protection software that provides constant updates since new viruses emerge and old ones evolve into new forms every day. Scan for new viruses at least once a week - more frequently if you are a heavy Internet user or receive large volumes of unsolicited e-mail.

  4. Delete temporary files, history, cookies, saved passwords and web form information.

    Be sure you know your password to sites you often visit. You may be asked to enter it the next time you visit after site.

    From any webpage click on "Tools", "Internet Options", "Delete" and select which function you would like to perform. I normally choose "Delete all..."

  5. Complete Disk Cleanup.

    After clicking on "Start", move your cursor on "All Programs", then up to "Accessories", then "System Tools". Click on "Disk Cleanup" from the list that appears. Click the "More Options" tab at the top of the page, and select all three of the following: "Windows Components," "Installed Programs," and "System Restore". Clean up all three by clicking on their respective tabs. You may want to delete all but your most recent system restore point as you probably don't need the others.

  6. Defrag

    Defragmentation or defragging is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation in file systems. It does this by physically organizing the contents of the disk to store the pieces of each file close together and contiguously. It's something you need to do periodically as files on the disk becomes fragmented over time - hence the term "defragmenting". How to Defrag Your Computer

  7. Restart your computer and continue to enjoy optimal performance!

The best defense is a good offense when it comes to computers and the internet and all the tools you need can be found here:Downloads at

And if you can afford it, there is also an option for donations.

Keep your pc clean and it will make a world of difference!

Thank you to those great people who do all the hardwork and offer their services to "the people", Thank you.

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