Kindred Spirits


footprints in the Universe, who, what left these giant footprints?

I read your writing today and am totally honored you would take the time to write such powerful words. Thank you.

What struck me in your writing is that I could really FEEL the frustration of all that you have been through. I guess that is what makes us kindred spirits. In my work ALL the time, I have moments of disappointment and great frustration. "Why am I not reaching more people?" "What can I do to get more readers?" You know what I mean.

All YOU and I can do is live our very best each day. ALL we can do is give our best for ourselves and to others. We are eager to want to consider our success by things we can see...the tangible results we want...but I have learned it takes time. Sometimes GREAT time. It takes years and years for a a bamboo plant to begin to really grow...and then almost overnight, it's growth just booms. That's what can happen if we stay diligent and keep taking action and putting ourselves into motion every day.

Honestly, I work at my BIG picture about 80 hours a week. I am at it seven days a week. This is my passion and my purpose...and THAT's what keeps me going. It has to keep coming from the INSIDE because if we ever look to the OUTSIDE for fuel...we'll eventually kickover and fail to move at all.

Famous Amos once wrote: "Happiness is an inside job." So is success, and "if it's going to's up to me." It's our dedication and hard work that keep our mission alive. Not luck.

So hang in there, Art...and keep doing your best to "charge" those around you. Continue to be a "Battery Charger of the Human Spirit" for others...because that's where hope is truly kept alive...and change is created.

Never stop believing. Never stop desiring to leave footprints in the Universe.

Who, what left these giant footprints in the Universe, Kindred Spirits

(((your inner

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