know nothing

Why carry shit around???

Did you know very important people walk around caring a whole bunch of unnecessary baggage, a bunch of bullshit with cherries on top, why?

The HoneyMoon, is your HoneyMoon over?

I didn’t know nothing, but I thought I knew everything. When two people decide to get married they should not become each other. What were you before you got married? How, why do you think you weren’t one then? Why do/did you feel the need to marry, anyway? Two different backgrounds. Your husband, do you really know him yet? To be married and to stay married is a 24/7 job? My wife stopped doing hers the day afterward the honeyMOOOn.

I didn’t know nothing and she didn’t either, but we thought we knew everything. One lady tells me she’s still not over her dead ass husband. Now, get a hold of this, you can get over every damn things else, but yo dead ass husband? What if you died first, would you want your,,,are you that damn selfish, really? Do you get over these things or do you just keep going,,,doing the best you can? What’s the difference between you and… How can I be a life coach but help no one? It my job “to help people get over shit”. Who determines what to get over? Why anyone with any damn sense want to go around with all that morbid shit on their minds? Why baggage, unnecessary baggage,, why carry it around?

There two individuals, two sets of baggage, who was one, but now you getting married to make it legal, in whose eyes? Why would anyone with any damn sense go to his or her’s enemy for validation, especially with something so sacred as marriage. We have some very dumb-ass people in this world, but none so dumb as to so eager to satisfy their enemies?

Do you enjoy being fucked in the ass all the time? I do not know why shit like this comes to me to tell you? Now, all ya’ll legally married motherfuckers need to tear it up and start all over again.

Just because a Black Preacher married you, does that make anything more legal, does it make things better or worse? Have you ever been married to a Black Preacher?

I ought to stop right here??? Fucked in the ass, all the time… We didn’t know nothing and still don’t other than what we see on a sitcom. It’s truth,,, Leave it Beaver, June Clever.

coming together, you know you can fuck a person a lot of ways....Say one thing and doing another? NOw, how is your sex life, yo real sex life? Would you realize it...

What's your excuse this time? When will we learn learning starts in the womb? What happened in the delivery room?

lIfe time friends, (((your inner voice and

Big changes made easy...101

Just be and do Good! What more can any person ask, the best, very best you can, in all you do...See you in the light.

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