Lack Of Success

After so many failures one can become a hopeless victim, feeling bad about everything.

If things are not going well for you - stop. Take a breath and tap into your power within. Now, comes the time for recovery.

For those of us who find recovery difficult, here is a suggestion. Let go of any judgment when you ask this question: What role did I play in creating this bad experience?

Things happen so fast, but look for information. Accept your part of the responsibilities. When you discover how YOU created the bad stuff you now have the knowledge to put in corrections to have a better experience the next time a similar situation is presented. Without such examination you will continue to repeat the same unwanted patterns of behavior that create the same bad experiences over and over again.

If you have the power to create the bad stuff you also have the power to create the good stuff. Your lack of success is not your fault. In many cases, you just did not know.

Become the hero of your opportunities instead of the victim of your circumstance and let's have a lot more good experiences.

your inner

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