Larry King Live 23 Oct. 08

Michael Moore, Democrat versus a Republican panel

Hope you had a chance to see the show. It was a great discussion between Michael Moore, Democrat versus a GOP analysts, in my opinion represents a Republican panel of three. Larry has got it going on, calm cool and collective; he presented a very interesting view of the 2008 Presidential race.

Michael Moore did an excellent job in answering questions and representing a need for change, from a Democratic point of view. A lot of information was revealed, so much so til I am convinced that much of what I am experiencing is the fault of the system--Harsh realities.

Democrats are dumber than Republicans, just look at the predicament Democrats are in? Those are the people I elect to represent me. Moore pointed out that Republicans have been in control of our government for the past twenty years. It is 2008 now.

Republicans made a great counter argument for their cause—We should keep control of the money. We can not help that democrats continue to let us out-smart them.

My view, republicans have been in control of our government, my entire life, I am 52 now. I believe democrats out number republicans, but for many reasons are not able to get it together, part of which is democrats continue to be outwitted. Most can do nothing for ourselves, so we look for representation and the person we choose is quick to compromise his integrity. We can talk about spreading the wealth, but when it gets right down to it, nothing happens. Democrats too easily give in and up. As soon as we are elected, that is it. We have too many other pressing issues—money being the biggest and now you know why. Further, I think republicans are really a minority. However, money…in comparison, republicans are a Majority. They control all the money and when they screw up, who suffers most—Middle and lower income.

Then why should we not have more input in spending?

Thank you Sheila for sharing and if Democrats are going to win this 2008 Presidential election—For change, they had better do it right now. Further, whether Barack or John wins we, Democrats, need to be doing what we need to do. If we can not do it now, why, in anticipation should we expect to do it after elections?

Do you think democrats can afford and are willing to change their focus from survival mode to a working together mode to fight to win this election?

Anyway, a great debate! Larry King Live

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