Last on the Agenda

Last on everybody’s Agenda

You put everybody first on your agenda, but with them it is another story. They always have an excuse, when it comes to you.

Ever felt like that? You just ain’t important to anybody or for anything. You always have to go alone with the flow. Nobody consults with you about major decisions? When your family gets ready to do something, you are lucky if you hear about it? Your wife abandoned you and took the children. Your husband cheats and ran off with the other woman. Your children refute every attempt at establishing a relationship with them. You can’t even get an ugly girl to go out with you. Friends get together, but you have no friends. Your mother is so angry with you, she never speaks to you again. You go to the store and the clerk helps everybody but you, she gives you a hard time. People just don’t give a shit about you.

Some will say it’s all in your mind. Others will say, you are talking about yourself, it's your attitude. You carry your bad attitude around and take it out on others. Is it an inferiority complex? But is it reality?

It is not fair for you to take your feelings out on others, but for some reason you just can't seem to help it. In America, who cares what black folk think? In America who cares what poor folk think or feel? You go to church, get a clean heart and come right out of them church doors and revert back to being the same old person you were before you went in. What good are you? Rich folk do things just because they have the money, when they are suppose to share the riches of the land with their fellow man.

Take a look around you and see who has time and desire for you? There is a long list of people, who for obvious reasons, cannot get along. Everybody wants to be first on the agenda.

The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

Your inner

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