Lazy Parents

What are lazy parenting skills and can we survive them?

You know how we frown when we see other countries making soldiers out of their young children? How we see them making prostitutes, suicide bombers.... My question to you is, ARe you doing any better? Are you even worse?

What am I doing? Am I trying to convince you that the world as you know it is coming to an end? Am I trying to convince you who God is? No, if you can’t see it for yourself, I do not know what to tell you.

So what is Art doing? Art is working, preparing, communicating, so he can get a farm to take appropriate action, that’s what Art is doing. Now, what are you doing? On what are our educated working?

Where is your harvest? ARe you looking for a harvest in the same old shit, that you never got nothing but shit? Does it take a five year old to tell you that?

Lazy parents, is there such a word – sick, lame and lazy? Where would you find them? Are they educated or are they poor? Are they saints or are they sinners? I know you wouldn’t be one of them and if so, you would not admit guilt. You would tell a lie to shame the Devil.

Are we raising our children this way? How does our future look? In what are you investing? Are you making another investment in your enemy? Do you actually believe your enemy has your best interest in mind? How could you ever be made to believe your enemy has your best interest at heart?

It’s hard to believe you the end has come to raising your children to seek gainful employment from their enemies?

Do you have any enemies? Do you know who they are?

Why make life harder on yourself and your future? Why cut off your nose to spite your face? Lazy parents are the worst. They call you for the simplest things ever.

Lazy, good for nothing parents are in all categories, but most influential, are those who are leading us, teaching us, preaching to us, the ones we look upto are leading us straight to hell. It has to stop, we know it but we do not want to admit and take appropriate action. Yet, we expect to be treated fairly.

After we have told them so much erroneous bullshit, how do you tell a kid, the best thing for you to do is, “ Learn how to grow your own”?

A lazy parent, no matter what they have, is the death of any society.

(((your inner

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