Leaders Pitfalls

Avoid them and become great leaders

Often we place the wrong people in the leadership positions for the wrong reason. Because a person is financially well off does not mean they will make a great leader. Many leaders credit their ability to lead based on the money in their pockets. For those, you might want to share this page.

Further, in our family units valuable leadership skills are missing. So here are three leadership pitfalls to avoid, making better leaders.

  1. Micromanaging. You hire someone to do a job and you find yourself constantly telling them how to do their job. That is micromanaging. You come out better and with less frustration by hiring competent employees. Know the difference between managing and leading. Managing people requires an eye for detail and ensuring the details are properly addressed. Leading requires vision-sharing, goal setting and motivating. Leaders deal with other leaders. Either way micromanaging is met with rejection, plummets morale and diminishes ones sense of responsibility.

  2. Confusing individual loyalty with team building. Create a positive environment and maintain it. Make sure everybody gets to be on the team, feels valued and learns how to interact with each other.

  3. Fear of change. Being a leader means risking other people's failures as they learn what they need to know. We have all been there and there is nothing worse than a short tempered boss. Changes equates to growth and the growing pains are something both parties must grow through. Do not pressure to drive you over the line of no return, creating fear. Be and encourage your people to be prepared and conduct your training in a good professional manner.

    To each there comes a time when they are offered a chance to do a very special or unique thing. What a tragedy if that moment finds you unprepared for that which could have been your finest hour. Who is Winston Churchill? If you are leading others, who is leading you? Great followers make great leaders.

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