Leadership and their Oath of Office

A time of uncertain and shifting loyalties

To correct a problem, we must first understand the problem and take responsibility.

Where are our leaders leading us? What happens when deviant behavior goes without being properly addressed? What happens when a mature adult repeatedly fails to realize they are wrong? How can you expect a people to police themselves?

I would like to say a little something to our CEOs, our Lawmakers, our leaders and public servants. I do not want to put myself above anybody, but there are some things, when said may make a positive difference and I appreciate that less than perfect is more than acceptable.

Re: Our leadership, are things getting better or are they getting worse? Right now, we the people are at an all time low. Whose fault is that?

It is not what you do, as much as it is how. How can you hold a people responsible, without first holding their leaders responsible? We can expect negligence from the masses, which is why we elect strong leadership and hire police - safety and security of our innocent. Further the people did not take an oath of office. Right now, our leadership is failing us and the people are suffering and diligently working to overcome their negligence. No body is expecting any super heroes or perfect human beings, but we do expect leadership we can depend on to uphold their oath of office.

Recently, there has been a surge in leaders found negligent in their duties. If these few have been able to get away with what they were doing, you can imagine the number of others, subordinates and family members aiding in the process, directly and/or indirectly. The question here is where are our checks and balances? Muster the courage to humbly stand against corruption and double standards. At least make them known. Would you accept a subordinate who cheats on you? Do you like being blind-sided? Do you enjoy being embarrassed? Do you enjoy being made a fool of?

Our leaders are intentionally cheating for their own personal gain, which is in direct opposition to their oath of office. In most cases, they have proven their integrity to be less than acceptable. That is why we are in this economic crisis right now – poor leadership and failing to speak up. Further, integrity goes both ways. They know what they are doing is wrong, that is why they keep secrets and put up smoke screens. What they do not know is that they are destroying the masses along with themselves. They are too quick to punish other criminals, knowing all the time, they are just as guilty. Criminal activities have an affect on societies, which is why we address and/or remove them -drugs, gangs and crime. When a mature adult continuously display deviant behavior, they are immature, weak minded, not responsible and can not be depended upon, in accordance to their oath of office. They exhibit the same traits as a traitor, a desserter, a liar and a cheat - unfair double standard.

My goal is to discourage deviant behavior, especially within our leadership and to encourage our leaders to police themselves, according to their oath of office. If you find that you are too weak, then have the courage to ask for help and/or step down, because your deviant behavior is compromising the oath of office to the rest of us and our justice system. We would have to be stupid to stand by and allow this to happen.

One after the other, we go behind closed doors, we pay no attention. We act like, oh well, no problem and watch as though from us, they are on a different side of the glass wall. In most cases our leaders deviant behavior is treated as unpunished nuisances. If our leaders' are being knocked down, what do you think is happening to their area of responsibility, our people and our country? Even more important, what will happen to us? Is that any indication as to the health of the force?

Deviance, not properly addressed leads to conflict, confusion and chaos. When our leadership straightens up, then our people will straighten up.

Yield not to temptation! Clean on the inside makes clean on the outside, of which the reverse order is just another scam!

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